Cosplay: Stuff I’m Working On

So last night, I knocked out–A BEAR! No just kidding, I just went to sleep super early :’>! So nothing much from me, so I decided to share my current projects ^O^. A lot of these are crazy in the future, and tentative…some of them are definitely going to get done!

As you can all see Yuna and RWBY are the ones I’m working on, as well as various wedding stuff ^O^! Ruby will hopefully tentatively be debuted at Fanime and if not she and Yuna will both be at AX along with Yoko from Gurren Lagann. Weiss’ Myrtenaster is a project that we’re teaming up with Sweatshop 202 to do, because teamwork! Later on in the year is when I’ll be back available to work on more stuff, so of course the CRAZY HARD PROJECTS come then, which would be the Jinouga armor from Monster Hunter. I’ve been wanting to cosplay with Sweatshop 202 for awhile now, so I picked up MH so we could FINALLY have something together!

And looking at all the work all I can think is….”wedding? what wedding? i have a lot to do by the end of May…but I mean…COSPLAY PROGRESS NUUUUUUU!”


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