Wedding: Make-Up Trials!

Good Morning Party People!

This past weekend was my wedding make-up trial and I had a blast. If you’re a bride, I definitely suggest doing the trial before the wedding! I know its an extra expenditure, but so definitely worth the extra expenditure. For my trial it took 4 hours, which is what they said it would take–but the time went by really fast! trialThe reason why I suggest the make-up trial is because 1. you get to know your make-up artist and feel comfortable with her before you know, the day of your wedding and b. you really get to finesse and perfect the look you want on your wedding day! Don’t be afraid to speak up! In my case I was a tiny bit timid about saying what I liked and didn’t like, but my make-up artist–Manning–was so en pointe that she could tell immediately and was so sweet and encouraging. She really listened and encouraged me to say what I liked and didn’t like and in the end I’m so glad I said those things! My hair went through two versions as we fine-tuned the original look, and to be honest it looks wildly better then I ever imagined. trial2My make-up we went through 3 versions, and to be honest I feel like that’s normal. Just as much as dress fittings I feel like make-up artists really deal with a persons insecurities, because I mean this is our face! Anybody who has no insecurities…well I’m happy for them and their enlightenment but I believe it’s 99% normal to have things that we don’t like about ourselves. (Now that doesn’t mean I think those insecurities should rule our lives, but don’t feel guilty for having them either!) Manning heard all my insecurities and took that information and really smoothed all my worries away!

Not only that but she’s FANTASTICALLY COOL! I’m not gonna lie, she found out that I liked nerdy anime/games and we spent the whole time talking about anime and games and she was playing the best music! I knew this was a match-made in make-up/hair artist heaven when one my absolutely favorite anime openings (Believe by Nami Tamaki from Gundam Seed) played followed quickly by my ALL TIME FAVORITE orchestral version of Passion by Utada Hikaru. 20150307_173828Now advice I have. I would say, definitely wear a white shirt, and definitely be prepared. On my Pinterest board I had pinned not only hairstyles I liked, but other hairstyles that made a ‘look and a feel’ that I was going for. I didn’t see ONE ABSOLUTE HAIR that I wanted, but instead I pinned a bunch of different hairstyles that I felt all shared the same soft and romantic look I wanted. For the make-up I was way off base but I tried! I had also pinned my wedding dress, shoes, and let her know the feel of our wedding.

My other major advice would be to TAKE THEIR ADVICE AND LET THEM DO THEIR THING. Admittedly I don’t think this means let them take control, and do what THEY want while ignoring your requests; but I kind of let Manning do her thing when she made a suggestion against the braid that I originally wanted and I loved the style even more! In the end, I don’t regret spending the money or time to get this finalized before the big day!

If you live in the SoCal area, my make-up and hair people are StudioMM&B and I seriously can’t recommend them enough!


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