RWBY: Undergarments ooh la la~~!

Good morning again!20150311_072254I’ve been working on Ruby’s foundation garments lately :). Josh has been working on Crescent Rose, and he let me know that to sheath the Crescent Rose would mean that I would have about 15-20 pounds of weight along my skirt, so in order to deal with this I’ve been working an a foundational garment to wear under her dress. The cloak is also kind of weighty, and when I was testing it out on myself I noticed that it kept sliding backwards (annoyingly), so I decided to use the foundation garments to help anchor the cloak down as well. You can see in my ….GORGEOUS DRAWING …. the general idea.20150311_080705As a note, for a basic Ruby Rose cosplay, I really don’t think you need to do this foundation garment, it is because I will be sheathing Crescent Rose so that from time to time I need to make sure that it can bear the weight of the prop without pulling my whole costume backwards! As you can see up top I have a basic Simplicity pattern that I’m using to mockup the waist-cincher. Typically I don’t like using simplicity or any fashion patterns for corsets, but in this instance since it’s just a cincher I don’t really care :)!


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