Rescue Rangers: Gadget Hackwrench Build

Hello all! It’s Throwback Thursday, and I thought it was a good day to be cleaning up and organizing my blog ^O^! I thought this was the perfect day to start adding my old cosplay’s and their builds in posts so that people can better navigate.tumblr_n0tgcbAZol1t3zmm1o8_500

Who doesn’t love Rescue Rangers? I totally grew up on this show as a kid, and I LOVED Gadget! This is my most comfortable cosplay to wear, and I wear it-ALL THE TIME.  Most often on Sunday’s though, which is what I consider comfy cosplay days and I really don’t foresee myself ever retiring her.3d2a0aa15ee7b3e53535528571a50ba4



Jumpsuit: Purple Cotton
Belt: Purple Synthetic Suede
Ears: Fleece
Goggles: 3D Printed, but you can find it in our etsy shop.
Wig: Arda’s Le Tigre in Ginger Blonde, but I think a Venus or Eowyn would be better now :).


Gadget was a very straightforward build, I used an 80’s jumpsuit pattern because I really wanted that retro vibe, and then I raised the waist higher to help imitate the look even more! The jumpsuit is fully lined, and I just used a basic, inexpensive cotton for the main jumpsuit, and then for the belt I found some purple synthetic suede to use to give the jumpsuit a little bit more visual interest.

il_570xN.270725359  thumbnail gadget
Vintage Jumpsuit Pattern Making Gadget Ears


photo credits: Mad Calamity Photos, Rodney JG Photos, if I didn’t credit you please let me know and I will add you ASAP!


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