Let There Be Light!

Hello guys, I’m really sorry this week has been a little sparse on info! One of the reasons why is because I’ve become really tired of yellow pictures, so we spent this week working on a lightbox setup in an effort to make things a little bit better. It’s definitely still a work in progress, and its not the cheapest of lightboxes but I also asked Josh to make it larger then usual because of some of the items I need to shoot (like boots!). We’re also trying to make it a lot more sturdy so it’ll last longer :3.20150312_221814As you can see its still in the early stages, and Ikea didn’t have lights bright enough, but already its starting to make a huge difference as you can see with the below picture of some zip ties. This’ll be a real life saver when it comes to pictures because I work full time so the only time I have when I get home to take pictures and work on stoof is at night when the lighting is just terrible! I figure it’s a win-win situation because the pictures will be clearer and nicer, and I won’t be wasting time taking a million shots of the same image in an effort to get one clear shot!
20150312_221714I’ve also been working on updating the blog layout and I will be debuting it next Monday so keep an eye out! I’m pretty excited because I’m trying to make it more easy to navigate and a lot more fun. Til then, Happy Friday guys! I hope you guys have the best weekend!


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