Wedding Update: Stained Glass Ceremony Backdrop Progress

Good Morning guys!

I’m back! I’m so sorry for neglecting everyone, but my excuse would be that I got majorly sick these last couple days. I spent the last few days curled up in an effort to become better-so for all intents and purposes I had no energy to do anything productive. Josh, on the other hand like the super duper trooper he is was busy at work getting more wedding projects done (that is in between the time he was nursing me back to health :’>).20150315_213556Here’s a shot of him at work on our first major DIY for the actual wedding day, which you guessed it–is going to be a stained glass window replica of the windows from Beauty and the Beast~! Because I dream big! We’ve been working on it for awhile, and poor Josh would probably say at this point that the hardest part has been cutting the arch in the glass out. Right now he’s applying the faux lead and its pretty exciting to see it all coming together! I’ll be posting more progress shots as we get closer to the day!tumblr_mck6e4J6qg1qg6dino1_1280


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