Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Kamina Cloak Progress!

Good morning guys! 20150322_132925Look familiar?! I spent the weekend working on Kamina again because Wondercon is fast approaching, and you guessed it–I will be rewearing Yoko and this time I SHALL HAVE A KAMINA and a possible SIMON! I’m seriously SO EXCITED.20150322_143100I actually had to go over to my parent’s house to work on the cloak because they have more room ^O^. Our teeny tiny studio is stuffed so full of tools and other projects that there was no way I’d be able to clear the floor off to be able to pattern out all the orange flame across the bottom of his cloak! Which by the way, SO MUCH FLAME.20150322_150939I’m not super satisfied with round one, I’m going to lower the pattern a smidgen, but now that I have the basic pattern all drawn out it’ll go a lot faster (so I say). The orange fabric is just some really crappy cheap cotton, because I didn’t want to waste all my pretty fashion fabric! ….looking at this post I realize that I’ve been working with red caped cosplays a lot recently…a trend?!


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