Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: FLAME ON!

Corny title is corny! I finally woman-ed up and cut out the flame! I’ve been stressing out hard core over the applique and flame design–but I figured the longer I put it off wasn’t really helping. So I cut it. As you can see, I’m feeling mildly iffy about the fabric choice, I thought I’d like the shine of a dupioni to get across more of the flame feeling–but IDK Kamina’s looking like a pimpdaddy? I just tell myself that Kamina’s kind of a flashy guy in the first place ROFLMAO.20150323_223157And as you can see the cloak is MASSIVE! It ate our sofa! Tonight I’ll be starting the process of satin stitching all the edges down to stop the raw edges from raveling. Then after that, its to tear up that bottom! Red is a synthetic suede, black is leather, flames are silk dupioni, white is a pleather.20150323_231154


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