Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: ALMOST THERE!

Morning guys! I hope you guys had a FABOLOUS weekend.20150328_211423We’ve been working up a STORM because Wondercon is this weekend, and I don’t know if I can really express how excited I am! We went over to our Simon’s house, to workshop together and it was flipping awesome. She busted out her Simon jacket in like what, half a day? I’m in awe of my fabulous Cosplay Senpai over @Delicioso Chanclas Cosplay.20150328_210936Kamina’s battle torn bottom of his cape is pretty much done, and it was super nerve-wracking because iMO it’s pretty damn hard to make ‘torn hems’ look organic when its not from actual wear and tear. I drew the guidelines on the inside of the cloak, mainly because I was free-handing it and mainly so that I wouldn’t have any issues with just how much of the dupioni I was cutting off! 20150328_200804All that’s left on the cloak is to tack down the bottom hem edges, and add the collar to this bad boy! Then pants, wraps, and hopefully a reattempt at the wig. By the way, doesn’t our Simon look bitching?! CAN’T WAIT FOR WONDERCON. 20150328_211235


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