Wondercon Crunch Time!

It’s been hectic over here, and I’m finally done with the cloak! FINALLY. ARRRRRRGH. Well at least my portion! Josh is the one doing all the little finishing up on everything now that all the major sewing is done.20150331_220643As you can see he’s taking the lighter to the edges of the cloak. I zigzagged stitched all the ends to help stop with the fraying and now he’s burning the edges–which we were pleased to find is sealing the edges together. You can’t melt silk dupioni, but what you can melt is any type of Poly, so I was hoping that the Poly would melt to the silk, and IT DID! I’m so happy~! If you’re going to do this, please be. safe. I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RELATED INJURIES :3.20150331_220429He also has the buttons for the cape closure printed, and is finishing the core drill + prepping Kamina’s front button loops! Things are coming together so quickly and YET NOT QUICKLY ENOUGH! Tonight I will get the pants + wraps done…yeah…..I WILL! I WILL BELIEVE IN MYSELF.  I don’t have pictures to show of the mock up–believe me they were un-glorious, but tomorrow you can see pants! Tonight the paint gets here that I ordered for his Tat’s so I can’t WAIT to try it all out!




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