Wondercon: Progress, ALL THE PROGRESS!

ONEMOREDAYLEFTTOWONDERCONERMAHGERD.20150402_001340Yeah see that? That’s a prime example of a cosplayer panicking before con, who in this case would be me. I think we’ll make it–JUST BARELY. Yesterday was full of madness, and doing things and frenetic and frantic progress! As you can see, Josh finished the core drills and they look SWEET. AT LEAST ALL THOSE PROPS ARE DONE.20150401_235036Pants are pretty much done, woot~~~!! All that’s left is hemming and sewing the elastic through the waistband. I’m ridiculously proud of the top stitching on the red stripes! 20150401_223836It’s all coming together! I tried to make his stomach wraps and that didn’t go so super, sooooo we’re trying to figure that out. 20150401_225047Also LOOK. I’m so super duper happy with the blue body paint that we got in for his tattoo’s. Josh tested both out when I was madly sewing away at his pants. The paint on the left is Paradise by Mehron in Dark Blue, and the right is TAG in Royal Blue. They’re both pretty amazing and easy to work with and they hardly rubbed off! I’m sold–because I was stressing out as the last time I did a tattoo I used ben nye, and that….did not work out so great to say the least!



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