Wondercon: The AFTERMATHS

Man. Con was SO FUN, and yet TOO SHORT, and IM SO TIRED /CAPSLOCK KEYSMASH/20150404_134659I wish I’d gotten to see more people, but I’m so happy that we went and managed to see peoples~~~!!! I had a super blast, even though today my body is still crying from all the stress–Yoko’s rifle is no joke to be toting around all con! 20150404_190706The Gurren Lagann group was such a blast, and SO MUCH HEAVEN PIERCING YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW! So many thanks to Deliciosos Chanclas for pulling together an AMAZING Simon, and BlizzardTerrak for shooting with us. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out and to get the shots back because it was so damn fun.20150404_135526 Also….this was our first time couple cosplaying EVER and I’m hooked (on this feeling :3), but no seriously. There were several reasons why we had never attempted couple cosplay before (namely my main nemesis–Josh’s hair), but we overcame it and to be honest I’ve added sooo many couple cosplays now~!20150404_140742My time is booked all the way to AX with the AX cosplays + the wedding, but after that you guys be prepared to be FLOODED with couple and group cosplays!


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