Recuperating After Con

Hello again lovely peoples!

No progress on other things today, other then Josh and I still recuperating from the crazy Wondercon building! I think it’s a sign of our age, because I remember 5 years ago I’d still be up and about and acting like 5 hours of sleep =’s 20.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been planning and working on other things! Our wedding is fast approaching, and we have all our Honeymoon paid in full! *woot* In two months I will be lazing gloriously on the beaches of Hawaii!

I think give us one or two more days and we’ll be back and better then ever with progress and such. In the meantime I’m watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and it’s sooo good! I’ve always meant to watch FMA but I never got around to it–as I started it before and the emotional feels were too much for me to handle >P.Fmab-posterNeedless to say though, this time around I’m totally enjoying it–I can’t believe I waited so long to finally sit down and watch it! Though……the first time around Nina and dog had me so bothered that I basically quit watching. And yes you guessed right! What cosplayer talks about a series and doesn’t have devious plans?!

I have a pretty cool FMA group starting to form in the later half of this year, and everyone’s pretty pumped! I’m the only one who’s behind and haven’t seen the series yet (even Josh has!) but I’m rectifying that as we speak!


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