Card Captor Sakura: Star Sealing Wand Prop

What’s that?! BACK TO WORK?! Why yes we are!

One of the props that I’ve always wanted, are the Card Captor Sakura wands–I know a bunch of people have a special place in their heart for the Sailor Moon series, but for me it was Card Captor Sakura! She is the magical girl of my childhood, and one that I adore to this day.Cardcaptor.Sakura.full.770606Needless to say in that breathing period between finishing up our last cosplay and regearing up for Ruby and Yuna, I asked Josh for a few 3D printed props–just because and for funs…and I was ecstatic with what I’d got!ccswandSOON I TOO WILL BE  A MAGICAL GIRL! The first wand will be 3D Printed, but I’m going to be learning how to cast things so we may cast subsequent wands! It’s a skill that I think is useful to have in cosplay :3. Then you can all be magical girls with me~~!! BWAHAHAHAHAH


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