Fanime Cosplay Plans

Sooooooooooo, in advance~ I’m SORRY! Ruby has been put on hold until Anime Expo, this stress both financially and mentally of the wedding is really high right now–so we both decided that we would be unable to give Ruby and her Crescent Rose the attention it would require and deserve! Unsure if she will debut at AX either as we return from our Honeymoon mid June and BAM its AX. I’ll be working on her though, just not in as high of a concentration!Older-Winry--EdInstead we have decided to sub in Ed and Winry, mainly because I love them both deeply AND because they are cosplays that are much much easier. To be honest, Winry can be all store bought with slight modifications, and Ed as well. With all the amazing tutorials out there for his automail arm, all that’s going to be left is his jacket! That’s easy peasy :3.

Then after AX expect ALL THE FMA UNIFORM PROGRESS. I think Fer of Deliciosos Chanclas Cosplay and I are set to make 5 FMA uniforms all at once *O*: Riza, Mustang, Armstrong, Olivier, Hughes etc. etc. I’m hoping we can get a Ling and a Lan Fan, and then of course we’re willing to make Al, we’re just trying to figure out who’s going to wear him!


2 thoughts on “Fanime Cosplay Plans

  1. Yuqi says:

    Yeah! I’m so excited! And I’m so happy he got tall at the end of the series >^<!!! Otherwise Josh would look really ridiculous as a 6 foot tall Ed lololol

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