Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood FIN!

Hey guys! Sorry about no post yesterday, when I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to share I figure no post is better then filler? Spoken like a true anime watcher! WHY THE FILLER EPISODES /flips tables/

Anyway we finished Brotherhood, and CAN I JUST SAY IT WAS EXCELLENT! I can totally see why it was so highly recommended, and the resolution was just amazing. I cried at Hohenheim and Greed’s ending because I mean, right? The feels, the feels were especially strong! I’m not going to go into an in-depth analysis, I think it’s still very fresh–but suffice to say that I loved the resolution of the series.tumblr_m9xz8fcD9K1rtultaMore importantly I loved the message and the way the story was told, I think it’s hard to find anime lately that has such an optimistic viewpoint on life (no, I am not a fan of anti-hero’s, not my cup of tea), so to have such a well-done story ring with such powerful hope, optimism, and perseverance was refreshing in a landscape where its becoming more normal for all the characters to just die, or where secondary characters just die left and right with no real purpose.

But before I start boring you with too much of my analysis, I loved it and I don’t regret the loss of sleep for this show. I can see why everyone recommends it so highly, and I can’t freaking wait to cosplay it! For those who haven’t seen it and may be contemplating getting into it, I warn you ahead of time that Netflix has everything except the final dvd, (WHICH WAS HORRIFYING, but thank god for Amazon Prime)!


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