Tutorial: Making Winry Rockbell’s Top

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Winry’s top is super easy and doable, and it should only take about one nights worth of work :3. You just need a small amount of stretchy white fabric, a zipper, and a sports bra. I got my sports bra from Old Navy for about $12, and used white fabric I had lying around. When cutting out the white fabric, make sure that the most stretch is wide across your bust, not up and down.20150418_1535061. First measure how big you want the white part to be. I wanted it to cover up some center seam lines so I made my middle section 3″ across. Measure how long the bra is from top to bottom and then cut out 2 rectangles leaving room for seam allowance across the top and bottom. Then attach them to your zipper, be patient as sewing with a stretch can be a little difficult. 20150416_2220102. Next sew the back ends together to make a small tube, and flip it inside out. When it is lying flat it should measure 3″ across. Pin it down and then carefully center the white stripe along the center of your sports bra. Pin it down and top stitch it down.20150416_2232393. This next part was the hardest part for me because there is a lot of bulk across the top now. Fold the edges over the top and bottom edge and sew down. You can use your machine as best as possible, and then hand tack it down along the back. If you’re using a metal zipper make sure not to sew through it or your needle will snap. 20150416_230719Let me know if you have any questions! Best of luck and go build some automail now! XOXO


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