Wedding | Beauty and the Beast Ceremony Backdrop

Morning guys!

I think people should know that I’m constantly pushing the limits of what I want to do with things. I dream big, what can I say? Sometimes it doesn’t work out–but in this case it has been spectacular!tumblr_mck6e4J6qg1qg6dino1_1280The ceremony backdrop was something that I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted, I’d seen so many beautiful diy paper backdrops and flowers and mantels–just so many things! It wasn’t until we finally settled on Beauty and the Beast as our theme that I knew exactly what I wanted, and Josh being Josh just smiled and said–I’ll see what I can do (cuz he’s awesome). And here we are today! 20150418_180745Keep in mind this is faux stained glass, because a. lead sodder is highly poisonous, b. we’d like to leave that to the pro’s! Here he just started trying all the colors and it was so exciting! Unfortunately right after this tragedy struck and the whole thing snapped in half…. but now we have learned and moved forward! Josh has been such a trooper, he just gritted his teeth and pushed forward to redo it all–and in fact we love it more this time around. That’s the DIY spirit!20150422_073430Here’s the newly finished and reworked one that he just finished last night, and we both agree that it came out much better this time! To be honest we had always constantly been concerned about the integrity of using glass, and it did prove to be too delicate but we were happy to find that out now rather then the day of the wedding (can you imagine?!). Our remedy was to go for acrylic, and so far I have no complaints! Which isn’t to say rush out to use acrylic, there are some definite pro’s and con’s of using glass vs. acrylic, one’s that we’ll go over later!20150103_141937And here’s the location of the ceremony where the stained glass window will be hanging, Right in front of the tree!! For those who want a basic tutorial on the method we’re using, A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial here! We’ll be posting a more in depth write-up and tutorial when we’re done :)!


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