Wedding Progress | My Reception Qipao

Happy Thursday guys! The wedding is looming ever closer–that’s right…LOOMING I TELL YOU. With it being a little more then a month away, I realized I can’t keep putting off doing things /lazy lazy/! So prepare for an onslaught of lots and lots of progress for the next couple weeks! May 31st is the big day and here’s hoping we make it!

I finally started work on my qipao, and it’s going to be a fusion of both Western styles and Eastern styles, which I think will work the best. You can see the two qipao’s that I’m using for inspiration, as I love the mermaid silhouette and the lace. I’ve had a tiny bit of a mental block when it comes to working on it-because they are a. notoriously difficult, and b. evening wear is a little bit daunting in general!20150422_214847Either way I’ve gritted my teeth and settled in. As you can see here I am laying out the pattern, and playing a jigsaw puzzle with my muslin as I try and fit the pieces into place. TIP: if you need to cut out pieces that are too wide for your fabric hot dog style, try it hamburger style. It works exactly the same way and saves a lot of stress. I am going to be splicing two patterns together, one for the top and one for the bottom. I leave for my bachelorette party tomorrow morning, so I’ll be packing tonight–but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze out some more progress tonight! The pieces are cut out, just need to cut out the top then piece them all togehter. XOXO


3 thoughts on “Wedding Progress | My Reception Qipao

    • Yuqi says:

      I KNOW RIGHT?! Lol! I’m trying to keep it cool but we’ll see :D!!! If there’s radio silence from me for longer then two weeks–you’ll know disaster has struck :3

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