My Bachelorette Party–the EXPERIENCE

Hey guys! Sorry about no post yesterday or Friday, let’s just say my age is showing in that it takes me longer to recuperate from Vegas lololol. Anyway I had a BLAST this past weekend, and to be honest I wouldn’t have exchanged my Bachelorette party for anything else in the world. I mean it had a really really rocky start (which I will go on about tomorrow), but right now I am just going to vomit the great time I had all over you guys, because truly blogs are for over-sharing!11122337_10153367253827518_1587058302_n-1I had a small Bachelorette Party, made up of my dude-of-honor (my little brother), a bridesmaid, and two friends–but the size ended up being just right! It was a lot easier to make sure everyone got to do what they wanted, and we had an equal amount of running around doing everything and just sitting and bonding. To be honest, I think that that was the best part for me; bonding at the bachelorette party with these girls. I would argue that my relationship is so much stronger with these girls now :3.20150424_205756Anyway being me, when they asked me “what do you want to do in Vegas for your bachelorette party?” I responded, “Britney, Food, Shopping, Clubs.” They freaking delivered!!!! Britney was AMAZING, and I highly recommend the cheap tickets in direct middle because it was perfect. The venue is so small that you are still able to see clearly and experience the whole event because they utilize all the screens.11198408_10153367253747518_1088256047_nLook at me trying to be all Britney. (BTW, as a cosplayer I was all sorts of –SO COSPLAYING THIS NEXT llolololol).My only advice with Britney is to wear comfy shoes–you basically stand the whole concert, and as no one see’s your shoes there’s really no point of wrecking your feet before going to the club (which I did, major regret). We went to two clubs over the weekend, and I highly regret not thinking to take any pictures–but we were lucky enough to get on the guest list for XS (Friday Night) and Drai’s Night Club (Saturday Night). TIP: If you have more girls then guys or are all girls get in touch with a promoter and you guys get on the list and usually for free. I definitely preferred Drai’s and definitely want to go back some day :)!20150425_125511Another high point of the weekend for me was you know, the food. Wait let me say that again–the FOOD. I didn’t take pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face–but the Bacchanal was AH-MAZING. Do it. Just. Do It.

By the way, did I mention my Suite? My bridesmaid was such a trooper and angel and <insert every positive adjective ever here> and let us use up her timeshare points to get a fabulous two room suite + studio in the Elara right on the strip and I mean RIGHT ON THE STRIP. Not to mention it was RIGHT NEXT TO BRITNEY, so we just strode through the mall and got to Britney in like 10 minutes, never having to leave the strip. The Elara, it is probably the best location ever too…right on the strip by the Cosmo + Bellagio and really easy walking to Ceasars and Paris.20150424_164147Did I mention my room had a freaking hot tub in it? IT WAS ALL SO FANCY. It was amazing, but you know what I loved about it at the end? It brought me closer to everyone, and I saw that everyone had really put in their time and effort to make it a great experience. I never thought I’d be the bride who went to Vegas for her bachelorette party, but I think it was so worth it and my advice would be to be willing to give things a shot and to stay super positive!

But anyway, fun’s over and back to work! THE WEDDING IS COMING UP! XOXO


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