Wedding DIY: Paper Roses Big & Small

Happy Monday guys! First off I’d like to apologize that last week I didn’t post, I’m still alive I swear! The wedding madness hit an all time high last week–and by madness I mean D-R-A-M-A, but now that the drama and shenanigans have been handled I’m back and better then ever! (Besides what’s a wedding without a little D-R-A-M-A?)20150503_170546Anyway I’ve been wanting to incorporate giant paper flowers, and paper flowers in general into the wedding–and ALL THE DIY HAS BEGUN. Yesterday I went over to my parents house and dragooned all of them into wedding day preparations! My mom has been fantastic and she is the controller of the paper flowers now :3! I’m absolutely confident in her, because she’s the one that passed down the love of crafting to me–and I still consider her ability to make something out of nothing just mind boggling!20150503_152834As you can see Josh, my mom and I were both trying to figure out the paper flower tutorial, whilst my little brother was studying for finals AND helping with the picking of wedding music. (For some reason picking this processional song is just freaking hard!) We’re a multi-tasking crafting family yo~!20150503_164111So far I’m loving how they’re turning out–if I was a little bit shocked at the time it took for one! I’d say about 1-2 hours per flower is a good time estimate. For those interested in paper flowers, I followed the tutorial here from Green Wedding Shoes.20150503_163704A word of warning, to make these flowers is not that cheap. I bought a roll of crepe paper, rather then the sheets and it took one complete roll to make one flower–that doesn’t include the wire, so if you’re looking at making the large flowers to save money, I’d have to say—it doesn’t really. By our cost estimates it was about $10/large rose. We’re using the scraps of the large roses to make the little ones ^O^!


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