Wedding Backdrop: Progress + Centerpieces

What up!

GETTIN’ SHIT DONE, that’s the motto for this month! Josh has just been working away on the ceremony backdrop and it’s turning out to look soooo gorgeous! Every little bit of progress makes me more and more excited to see the finished window *^*. 20150504_232854Also met with my best friend, who is going to be helping with my centerpieces/styling/setting up on the day of! We brainstormed yesterday on what we were doing, and she sketched out our plan of action. I feel so super confident moving forward. She knew exactly what I was looking for and having difficulty putting into words and ‘staging’ as she likes to say.20150504_233617So excited! I’ve been saying that a lot, but everything feels like it’s all starting to come together–and the jumbled images in my mind are starting to be refined and become clear, and guys weddings are just great. The amount of people who have come out of the woodwork (and who I haven’t spoken to in YEARS) have just suddenly popped out of nowhere and are being so supportive and helpful. That’s probably the unexpected best part of everything!



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