3 Ways to Display Escort Cards

Sometimes the wedding details that leave me stumped surprise me :’D! It’s usually the ones where I didn’t put much thought into it–and with so many options, what’s a bride to do? We’re currently narrowing down how on earth to display our escort cards, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you! Sorry if it makes the job harder, but really they’re all so fabulous I’m sure whatever we and you end up choosing will be SPECTACULAR (like a firework, because really ….baby we’re all fireworks!)

If you’re more of a traditional person and want to go with a traditional escort card table I say, go for it! Usually they’re classic for a reason, am I right? If you’re going to go this route though I encourage you to use your wedding favors as your escort card holders! It kills two birds with one stone (wow I wish that saying was prettier), saves money and gives your table instant style, and quirkiness! I’ve always loved succulent favors, and used as escort cards I find them adorable :)! Other options are candy bars, drinks, food, the sky really is the limit! (1,2,3,4)

I love this way of presenting escort cards, because IMO it’s instant style and can be tailored to match your  day and vision quite simply. Looking for something shabby chic and rustic? Use tiny clothespins and a picture frame or ladders to display your cards! A little bit more hip and bohemian, those gold binder clips and macrame is amazing and unique! Looking to be a bit more opulent? Get a trellis/archway, cover it with foliage and call it a day. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Simple, chic, and effective. If you’re going to go this route I advise to go with something a little bit larger then life so you get the impact you so want! The size of the object you use will make a gorgeous statement, and then just like above so easily tailorable to your vision and look! Want something grand and disgustingly expensive, a giant mirror will suit those ends to a tee! Looking for something a bit more hip and DIY, a large board with nails and yarn to the rescue! Or you can always just get a GIANT gold frame and canvas and mount your escort cards! Or…if you’re really stylish LOOK AT THAT TARGET ESCORT DISPLAY. I’m in love~~~! (1,2,3,4)



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