Wedding | Mirrors and Boxes

Hello Thursday Morning!

Look at this bad boy that we picked up yesterday from the sweetest lady ever on Craigslist. For those who’ve been following my progress, it totally fits into my Beauty and the Beast theme no? Not gonna lie when I was sitting in the car with it for the first 15 minutes I kept saying, “Show me Beast!” …it didn’t help that it just showed my face–but I mean….maybe it’s hinting at something?20150506_222936My apartment is starting to look like a weird mix of workshop space + store-room. In the whole madness of the wedding, Josh and I have been walking a fine line between renting + buying all the items for the wedding. It’s an interesting pro + con, but if it’s cheaper and reusable then yes we buy the item rather then the nightmare of renting.20150506_223009So here all these boxes you’re seeing are 120 mason jar cups for our root beer float dessert station (which I’m super-freaking-excited for), and boxes of tablecloths. Yes that’s right I bought all the tablecloths, but to be honest it’s a great investment for me! The tablecloths are higher quality then the rentable ones I could afford, for the same price–not to mention I can customize them AND what’s more I am a sewer–meaning ALL THoSE YARDS OF MUSLIN FOR MAKING MOCK-UPS *O*. Or in the very least….ALL THOSE TABLECLOTHS FOR FUTURE USE.



8 thoughts on “Wedding | Mirrors and Boxes

  1. thegeekoutletllc says:

    wow, that’s a lot of tablecloths. the mirror and rose are beautiful.

    Just an fyi – I thought this was cool, I did a Google search last night for Ruby’s cape and your site came up in the results. 🙂

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