Wedding | My DIY Tablecloth Hoopskirt


It’s crazy how time flies when you have deadlines! Tomorrow is my final dress fitting (I’m both super excited, and a little bit nervous >^<), and so I spent last night making a super unpretty, cheap hoop skirt.  I had the materials lying around–and the tablecloth cost me $20, so overall it saved me a bunch of money-to hem my dress would have cost ~$400 (HEART ATTACK). The hoopskirt–even though unpretty, is of a higher quality then all the other cheap hoopskirts out there because the table cloth was actually made of a nice high quality cotton! 20150507_193712Josh helped me quite a bit with calculations (math! you always stump me!), and it turned out way better then expected.Why a tablecloth you ask? Well….let’s just say I hate hate hate hate hate hemming circle skirts. They’re really trying to me, and I figured it’d be easier for my piece of mind just to use a premade circle (a.k.a cotton tablecloth). I may post the tutorial up if people are interested, but really it’s basically a circle skirt-mine is a 1/3 circle skirt-with a channel sewn across the bottom and then your hoop material (we used fish tape), strung through the channel. Then, BOOM BABY! You have a hoop skirt.hoopskirtXOXO


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