Wedding | Centerpiece Shopping Adventures

This past weekend–aside from Mother’s day shenanigans–we went thrifting and vintage shopping to find all the centerpieces that we need for the wedding! As it’s Beauty and the Beast themed, it meant looking for gorgeous–slightly more elegant household pieces of a particular look! Up top you can see the spoils of two days of serious thifting + vintage shopping–and several days of copious ebay/etsy/craigslist combing. Needless to say we’re almost there!20150512_072438The adventure started Friday night in a great little Goodwill offshoot called Rare, located in Downtown Anaheim. It’s like a curated version of Goodwill, with the same gorgeously low prices. We snagged three slightly beat up and tarnished teapots all for less then $20. I may or may not have also snagged a fantastic old pink sewing machine with all metal parts–here’s hoping we can fix it because it’s quirky and pink–did I mention it’s pink?IMG_20150508_235558After Rare, Josh, Simone and I were starving so we stopped by a small cheese shop called Center Street Cheese Shop. I’m new to cheese but oh my god were those cheese’s AMAZING. I splurged a little and got some D’affinois cheese because it was like butter in my mouth! I couldn’t resist! Had some amazing cheese-centric sandwiches and all I can think is–why have I only been eating bright orange Kraft singles?! Anyway if you’re in Downtown Anaheim I would seriously give them a check out–the workers were friendly, knowledgeable and the cheese FANTASTIC.IMG_20150508_235411Fast forward to Sunday where we thrifted all through Old Towne Orange. For those who don’t know, Old Towne Orange is a great vintage/thrift store meccha. In the space of about 2-3 hours we hit about 10 shop/malls. They vary wildly by price, but so worth it. We even managed to walk away with some steals and awesome finds, specifically those fabulous silver plated teacups you see up there! A set of 6 cost me about $38, because they were originally $60 and then 40% off. They were of course buried deep in a display case, surrounded by wildly expensive antiques in a mall–so yes, thrifting is like a scavenger hunt!20150510_155355Then we stopped after vintage shopping had left me tired, hungry, and cranky at a cute little Pizza place called The Pizza Press. It was cute–and the food not bad. Very similar to Pieology–but I liked their crust a smidgen more. It was super popular though and the line was out the door! All in all, super successful and we only have a couple more things to collect! 20150510_173239My advice would be to do some research online first, so you can gather the correct price range for a lot of the items you’ll be finding! For instance those candelabra’s were a steal on Ebay for $14 for the set! THE SET. If I had bought candelabra’s while out thrifting/vintage shopping–they would have been more like $20+/candelabra and a lot less Lumiere like! The hand mirror I found on Craigslist for $20–everything else similar while shopping was closer to $80! The best part of these centerpieces, is that I’m pretty sure that I’ll be keeping a lot of these items:that mirror, those pieces of silver, the candelabra’s and the FABULOUS TEACUPS.



2 thoughts on “Wedding | Centerpiece Shopping Adventures

  1. thegeekoutletllc says:

    Thrifting is always a scavenger hunt! But when you walk away, your treasure clutched to your chest so that no one else can steal it, it’s so worth the effort. Great finds! Can’t wait to see the finished product: your wedding! The clock’s still ticking…..

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