Wedding | 5 Alternative Wedding Bands

So, we come to here–the wedding bands. Not gonna lie I’m very very sad to be parting with my engagement ring, at first I never thought I’d get used to it but now it has become like my best friend. I love looking at my hand and seeing the tiny dazzle of the diamond on it. It has become a constant reminder of the promise, and steadfast love that my fiancee gave to me when I agreed to marry him. So the idea that I would have to part with this lovely thing was painful to me, but in a way it makes sense.ring Leading up to the marriage everything is a whirlwind of excitement–but marriage I feel like is something completely different. Instead of crazy runs through the rain, and exhilarating first kisses I feel like marriage is waking up quietly on a beautiful Sunday morning and just being enveloped with love and comfort as you watch your loved one sleeping next to you. It’s eating brunch in the morning and being quiet–not because you’ve run out of things to say but because you don’t need to say anything and you can just revel in the joy of being on the same wave length as someone.

What I’m getting at, is that is what I realized wedding bands just represent the next step in our relationship. No I don’t get to wear my sparkling diamond engagement ring, but now I get to wear a symbol of something even better. Which–isn’t to say I believe in boring, plain wedding bands. I  believe in picking something simple, and quieter then an engagement ring, but still beautiful and unique. As I was searching for my wedding band, here were some of my favorites that I found! 31043689_920830_ED_M

1. Tiffany’s Infinity Ring
I love the symbolism of this ring. Marriage in my book is a forever promise, and it is a small reminder of it everyday. I look at it and in my head I hear, “My love is infinite”. It is also very affordable for a Tiffany’s ring, the sterling silver coming in at $185.il_fullxfull.515063287_kwmz2. Mountain MetalCraft’s Crown Ring
This is something that’s a bit more quirky and offbeat, but still very simple. I agonized over whether people would think that I was being stuck up or too princessy but then I realized it didn’t matter. I love how these rings look on the hand, and why is it bad that I be the Queen of my husband’s heart and home? This ring starts out at $150.il_fullxfull.744356116_25x13. Suenvy’s Bow Ring
This was one of my absolute favorites. Still very unobtrusive, but I love bow’s in general. If you didn’t know–I am a super prep, anything with bow’s I revel in! Beyond that though, I enjoyed the symbolism of tying a string around your finger, to remind you of the promise you’ve made and the fact that you are …tying the knot. Get it? This ring starts at $250.il_fullxfull.740995322_fi8g4. MelanieCasey Jewelry’s Vine Band
A twist on an infinity band, or is it? I love the idea of leaves and am often drawn to organic shapes in jewelry. I think this is special and unique and a very lovely wearable wedding band in general. This ring is $368.il_fullxfull.737031753_mgqa5.Oore’s Moonstone Twig Ring
My other absolutely favorite of the bunch. I love love love the simplicity and delicacy of a twig ring done right. I also loved this ring because it reminded me of my engagement ring, so I felt like this would be an homage to it always. The moonstone I like because it is very wearable, and I feel as if there is a subtle, quite beauty in the ring itself! This ring is the most expensive  coming in at $508.


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