Wedding Reception Dress Diary | Mockup #1 DONE!

The wedding is in two weeks minus one day, and we are kicking it into high gear! We’ve finally started delegating requests to our super awesome bridal party–and getting mad progress done! Our poor mail man either thinks we’re opening a business or just really like to buy weird things. I’ve made progress on my wedding dress! It may seem like I wasn’t working on the qipao (which to be honest I wasn’t really), but now I’m about a third of the way there! I had been stumped with what patterns to use and how on earth to get it looking correct, and I think it’s finally coming together!20150518_004003As you can see this mock-up is just full of places where adjustments need to be made, but overall I can already see the dress taking shape! I forgot to take a picture of the patterns I ended up splicing together, but next time I’ll post about it :)! Also that bag on the bed? That’s my wedding dress for the ceremony!

The excitement is very really!


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