Wedding DIY | When It All Goes Wrong!

What up peoples?

Something I’ve learned doing DIY and being all sorts of crafty is that inevitably there comes a time when everything goes wrong! Mistakes happen and projects go awry, what I’ve learned is that it happens to everyone and it’s how you overcome those situations that make the difference. Sometimes it’s putting the project down for the night and realizing that you are too tired/frustrated to keep going tonight and to re approach in the morning after you’ve gained perspective–scratch that this is really all the time.20150516_151106It usually comes down to one of two options, 1. continue with what you were doing in the first place, or 2. scrap the project and tackle it in a different way. This happened to me recently when I was working on my wedding tablecloths. I originally was going to just dip-dye them all in navy but that really didn’t work! So now I”m going to be just dyeing them all navy blue. It’s a Beauty and the Beast wedding–we’ve gotsta have the Beast represented a little bit! Hopefully this attempt will work because if not…WHITE TABLECLOTHS. THEY WILL BE WHITE AT LEAST.



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