Wedding | Library Inspired DIY Guestbook

So we got our sketchbook in last night that is doubling as our guestbook! I found a lot of neat guestbook idea’s online, but all my favorites involved polaroids and notes–so I went ahead and made my own by putting more of a book themed spin on things!editThe sketchbook itself is 11″x 17″ with wonderful thick paper on the inside, and a plain black cover. I figure I can always make a cute cover for it later–the important part is the guest book! So anyway, I just ordered library cards and library card holders, and plan on sticking them into the book. Guests will use the Instax camera to take pictures of themselves, and then using washi tape will table it to their library card holder–and the guests will write on the notes as their message.

The library cards are unfortunately a little bit more thin then I was hoping–but I figure I can laminate them later to protect them and voila~! Problem solved!



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