Anime Expo 2015: Tifa Lockhart

AX IS COMING UP! And that marks the end of my long vacation :P! Time to get back to work, but now I’m rested and FLIPPING excited. I spent the whole weekend pondering on what the hell I was gonna do for AX, it’s coming up so quickly–and I wanted to make sure I spent the money on a character + cosplay that I would definitely wear again. I also wanted to focus on a cosplay that was comfortable to wear (ponytail wigs are very difficult for me >^<).Tifa-d012ff-artwork After about a day or 2 of tossing about several characters in my brain, I finally settled on Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. I have made a VII/Dissidia Tifa before, but felt a little bit displeased with the outcome, so I’m going to revamp that sucker AND I decided to throw in Advent Children Tifa. I’ve always loved the AC design, and I’ve been needing a comfortable costume!Tifa_Lockheart

To be honest, I’m pretty excited because she hits all my criteria:

1. Fairly simplistic because of the time limitations
2. Comfortable to wear
3. Not Prop intensive
4. A design/character that i absolutely love and would rewear againimagejpeg_0Cheers!  XOXO


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