Pattern & Progress | Tifa Lockhart (Advent Children)

ERMAHGERD GUYS. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE IS REAL AND HAPPENING AND I CAN’T EVEN. I’m so. FLIPPING. excited. You could even go so far as to say, table flipping excited–/WINK/.It seems perfect that I decided to revamp and make Tifa for AX, because you know…ITS BEING REMADE. /cough/20150616_005014I made some progress last night and what we will henceforth call her gorgeous asscape–no but for serious I have always loved that butt cape.  Here you’re seeing the first mock up of it pinned and wrinkled in all it’s glory. It’s been shortened and tweaked since this shot, and I’m pretty excited at how quickly it’s all coming together.20150616_012657To make it, it’s pretty easy as well. I used the back half of a short skirt pattern and then I just measured across the width of the hem of the skirt and multiplied by 3 in order to have enough fabric to do the box pleat. Tifa has 7 box pleats across the back and the measurement was 21 inches across for me–making it easy. 7 box pleats, each 3 inches wide and BAM, a buttcape of glory. Below is a quick graphic to show what I mean about the butt cape, note how super professional and glorious my Windows Paint skills are :P.buttcape pattern


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