Tifa Lockhart | Buttcape + Shorts Mockup COMPLETE!

Oh man, AX is creeping up FREAKING FAST, and yet I’m feeling pretty good about it! We have bought our tickets, the hotel room is booked (JW FTW thanks to our awesome friend, Herman), and the cosplays are coming together!20150617_235347I’m the first to admit that I’m usually actually pretty slow and lazy when it comes to working on cosplay–but Tifa has been coming together super fast (HUZZAH)! Sorry no post from me yesterday, i literally got home and slept from the moment I got home to the moment I had to get up for work, but I think I’ve finally conquered the enemy who goes by JETLAG.20150617_222153The mock up for Tifa’s Advent Children buttcape and shorts is pretty much done! As you can see it was touch and go for a teeny bit when I cut off too much excess in the front–but again that’s what mock-ups are for. I’m going to be making little tweaks here and there but overall it seems to be ready for the hero fabric! And oh yeah, who couldn’t resist watching some Advent Children while sewing?

Countdown to AX? 14 days. XOXO


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