Final Fantasy VII | Tifa Assemble!

Good Morning guys!

I finally got all the pieces I ordered in the mail for Tifa on Friday night, and I couldn’t resist throwing everything on. In a sense a lot of this costume is going to be modifications of existing clothing–which is great because I can focus on sewing Advent Children Tifa from scratch then! /HUZZAH/! Anyway to the test run!20150620_005752AND IT LOOKS LIKE ITS GETTING THERE ^O^! This time around I absolutely love the red gloves (such a better color then my previous ones) and the arm sleeves are actually pretty comfortable! The gloves are gonna get the green marble things glued on, and then I’ve got to get wraps for the wrists but they’re pretty much done! The suspenders need to be modified and I’ll be painting the boots a slightly brighter shade of red. I do think I’ll be making some minor modifications to the fit of the crop top and skirt :3.

10 Days to AX!! Let’s do this!


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