Advent Children Tifa | Fit Test Done!

Okay, so AX is kinda soon–and I’m kinda starting to freak out a bit…kinda, a little….maybe a lot >^<! I keep reminding myself that I’m actually making excellent progress on my girl Tifa, and to be honest I’m doing much better then I usually do!20150623_231031Finished the fitting yesterday, and actually really pleased with how it turned out. Fitting for a large bust has its own challenges, but on a random note–that is the best fit armhole I have ever made *O*. I was debating on cutting out all my final pattern pieces yesterday but realized that it would only lead to disaster as I was pretty damn tired–so I held off until tonight!20150623_231941I have two different vinyl/pleathers that I will be using. One is a heavy weight that I plan on using for her top, and the other one is a lot more supple that I plan on using for everything on bottom. I’m flip flopping on lining everything in a black fabric, because in the movie her butt cape doesn’t actually look like leather, but IDK. Decisions Decisions @3@.

XOXO, AX in 8 days (can I start panicking yet?!)


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