Advent Children Tifa | Top Progress

PHEW. I woke up this morning and felt like a ton of bricks had slapped me in the face! Yesterday was full of progress, I braved Joanns and cut out most of my final fabric. Two things that are pretty tough and stressful things to do IMO ^O^.20150624_232906Anyway I got the top pieced together, and it’s fitting a tiny bit awkwardly because of some added seam allowances that haven’t been sewn down yet but I’m happy with how the vinyl is looking.I have a pretty insane schedule of tasks planned out but I managed to complete last nights (kind of), here’s a glimpse:

Wednesday: Joanns to get fabric then cut out all the pieces for AC Tifa, if there is time pin pieces to prep for serging, and top
Thursday: Finish the top + start shorts
Friday: complete shorts + start buttcape
Saturday: complete buttcape + apron; make-up test for AC Tifa
Sunday:  Go to spectrum to buy shoes + white undershirt + medium crop top, modify the white undershirt and shoes—AC Tifa done, make up test for Tifa
Monday: Paint Tifa shoes + finish Tifa gloves
Tuesday: sew together skirt + shorts + find & attach belt
Wednesday: sew wig together + style, complete the suspenders
Thursday: Last minute shopping for odds and ends, then go to con.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday: CON.

I hope I make it to AX ^O^. 7 days to AX! XOxO.


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