Anime Expo 2015

SO TIRED EVERYONE BUT SO WORTH IT!!! I had SUCH A GREAT TIME AT AX!!! I’m resting up but I’m going through all my shenanigans and will share those with you laters! First off though, many thanks to everyone that I saw and hung out with I ❤ you all!imagejpeg_0nI had a couple shoots as Tifa and I can’t wait to show you guys the results! So much FF love this year though ^O^, it was GREAT! Must be all about that REMAKE–wait did someone say REMAKE?!imagejpeg_0k Here are some quick pictures, more to come later. As you can see, I take things
VERYSERIOUSLYFOREALS.20150705_122319Oh and I almost forgot! Here’s a snap of some of my loot ^O^!20150704_180100


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