Anna’s Coronation Embroidery Patterns

Hello world!

I just wanted y’alls to know that no I have not forgotten my word on Anna’s Coronation breakdown! So here you go, the rest is coming but for now here are the images for the embroidery patterns we used.

Bodice Front:Bodice svg
Skirt Panels:Embroidery - Coronation Dress

Note that these are simply the base pngs made from the vector file, and that you will need to scale them on your own and prepare them for your own machine. If you would like the version that is already usable by a Brother Machine (PES file), you can go ahead and contact me and I’ll send it to you in an email with the files in a .zip format. Depending on demand I may just add those to this post later on 🙂

Also the images are not scaled because skirt + bodice is scaled to me, so that will also be up to your discretion.

Best of luck and if you have any questions just ask!



Frozen: Anna’s Coronation Dress

One thing you have to know about me, is that I am constantly reaffirming to myself and Josh and I can be crazy. I call it a charmingly naive stubbornness that manifests into the belief–that really I can do anything that I put my mind too. Such was the case of my Coronation Anna build. This cosplay has been in the R&D stages since I first saw the movie, and per my previous post I had a vague idea of how I would attempt that monster of a skirt–but no actual work had been made towards it.

Then one of my favorite nerd sites, Nerd Reactor put up a call for volunteer Frozen cosplayers for a Girl Scout event in my local city and, that was it. Sold. Done Deal. I was gonna get Coronation Anna done, and I was going to get her done in THREE FREAKING WEEKS. The fact that we both work full time jobs, and that I had also begun working Saturdays did not daunt me.

In the words of Kuzco about to go down the waterfall, “Bring. It. On.”skirt progSo there we were, no wig, no swatches, …really no anything but my relentless belief that this was doable, and the never failing belief and support of Josh. So, we hopped to it. I immediately started frantically sourcing swatches from my go to silk store Silk Baron, frantically contacting the etsy wig seller I had bookmarked earlier this year, and drafting up mock ups for the skirt–THE SKIRT THAT EVERYTHING RESTS ON.20140511_092124While I was doing this, Josh was hard at work using the Embroidery Machine we had bought in December, and never touched since. So while I was frantically sourcing supplies, Josh was trying to figure out how to not only make embroidery patterns–but also how to work the machine (did I mention that really he’s the best cosplay partner in the freaking world?).greenFast forward to now, two days before the deadline…and I think we’ve made it. For the last 3 weeks we’ve done nothing but sleep, work, work on Anna, rinse and repeat. Every time I look at Josh now he looks like he’s OD’ed on embroidery–I see that kind of dead-eyed bleary expression in his eyes. (Seriously I think I may give him a gold star after this). I have a slight confession that without the constant running of the embroidery machine the Apartment seems to be eeriely silent.

I’m just putting the finishing touches on everything, but its at the stage where everything is rapidly ready to be debuted. The wig is here, the ballgown petticoat I ordered is hanging in the shower fluffing up as we speak, the iron is ready, and we have been picking strands of green silk and thread from our hair and clothes for days now. So guys, once this is all over, give us a few days–maybe even a week and then I promise you, a full write up + patterns for the skirt + embroidery patterns will be up soon.