Here are the patterns that I use for my various costumes and cosplays, and I hope you find them useful! I am mainly self-taught when it comes to cosplay and costuming so if you have any advice I’d love to hear it! I’d also love to see it if you use any of my patterns, so please send me some pictures.

*disclaimer* I’m totally fine with y’alls using these pattern for personal use, but please don’t use these pattern to sell :). It may sound silly but I did do a lot of research, and spent a lot of time getting these usable.

Disney Patterns:

Pocahontas Tattoo 2
Disney’s Pocahontas:
Arm Tattoo
Anna Embroidery

Anime/Game Patterns:

buttcape pattern rwby pattern
FFVII Advent Children:
Tifa Lockhart Buttcape
Ruby Rose Cloak
Final Fantasy X-2:
Rikku Scarf Pattern
Gurren Lagann:
Yoko Littner’s Scarf
Dynasty Warriors 8
Da Qiao’s Hair Clips

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